Welcome to your app earning withdrawal page. Please, ensure you follow the instructions below carefully and ask for help from Admin only in our telegram group or you lose your earned MCDT token without any reversal or compensation from us. Click here to learn how to start earning Crypto (MCDT) with MyCDApp.

How To Withdraw App Earnings?

MyCryptoDictionary Token (MCDT) is a cryptocurrency token created on WAVES Blockchain and could be traded on the Waves DEX in exchange for Waves, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoincash, Monero, Zcash etc.

Thus, you need to follow the instructions below carefully to withdraw your earned token in the App into a real tradeable MCDT cryptocurrency on the Waves Blockchain;

1) You need to have earned the minimum of 5,000MCDT via different activities in the app

2) Once you reach 5,000MCDT above, use the withdrawal tool below to transfer the amount of MCDT token to be withdrawn and in the message box put your Waves wallet. We will cross check and if you are approved for payment, you will get your payment at the end of the week’s payment cycle but if fraudulent activities detected, you will lose your earnings and account blacklisted from any future withdrawal permanently.

3) Your equivalent token will be sent to your Waves wallet and you can then trade it for any other crypto of choice on the Waves Dex (exchange).


<> You can only transfer 5,000MCDT minimum for withdrawing. Sending anything less for withdraw will make you lose your transferred MCDT token permanently (no refund available).

<> Remember to put only Waves wallet address and not Ethereum wallet address or other Blockchain wallet address for withdrawing. We will not refund such payout to the wrong wallet you sent to us, be cautious.

<> Kindly ensure you only transfer to the official withdrawal account usernameMyCDApp” and it should pop up in the username dropdown list for selection and confirmation that its the right account. Any transfer to another app user account apart from the official withdrawal account “MyCDApp” is not-retrievable and lost forever (we offer no refund).


Account To transfer to is MyCDAPP - make sure you confirm sending it to that only below;

My Withdrawable Balance:MCDT