Welcome To MyCryptoDictionary App, this guide helps you get started earning your first cryptocurrency token (MyCryptoDictionary Token - MCDT) via interaction with this App and you can trade MCDT  on cryptocurrency exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves, Bitcoincash and lot more.

You can now exchange your earned MCDT for WAVES via MCDT/WAVES trading pair on Waves Dex (tutorial for newbies on how to trade on Waves Dex in progress).

DISCLAIMER/DISCLOSURE: Cryptocurrency is new and just enjoying mass adoption worldwide. It is very volatile and could cause the value of coins/tokens including MCDT earned via this app to fluctuate or even worth nothing now or in future. Thus, your continued use of this platform means you understand and agrees to bear the responsibilities or losses that may be attached in using this app or the information contained therein including third party website/blog linked or advertised. And you also agree to indemnify MyCryptoDiction team or representative from any legal issues.

App Reward Token, the team behind this project invest/hold and have access to at least 10% of the maximum MCDT token supply (check below for more details about MCDT token on Waves Blockchain).

Ways To Earn Crypto Daily

Please note that we are currently testing and implementing new activities and rewards. Thus, kindly be patient in case you notice changes in reward point (we are still testing the best option and amount) or any issues encountered and reach out to the team for help via telegram or mail. To start earning with this app you need to register and login. Click Here To Register Free!


Register Free To Access The App And Start Earning Crypto Daily

You Can not Earn Via This App Without Login 


Update (30th October 2018): App earnings (MCDT) withdrawal to Waves wallet is live now!

To trade go to https://Client.Wavesplatform.com - Once in your account in the DEX search for MCDT/WAVES pair to trade.

1) Register - You earn when you successfully register and activate your account

2) Referral - Refer using your referral link and earn 10% of your referral registration earning

3) Tutorial - You earn while learning new things about crypto via the app tutorial section

4) Login - You earn daily for login

5) App Daily Visit - Visit this App daily and you earn per the first unique visit daily

6) Post View - Why go directly to numerous crypto website/blog without earning when you can go through this app to their website/blog and earn crypto per post view.

7) Post Comment - Interact and comment your view on the post within the app and you earn crypto. If you spam or post irrelevant comments just to manipulate the platform to earn, you lose more instead. How? For every of your comment that is marked spam or irrelevant and we trash or delete it, you lose some amount of earned crypto from your account balance.

To avoid your comment been marked spam or trashed causing you to lose -150MCDT of your balance, it is mandatory that you click the link of the article source to read the full details of the article on the website/blog and then click back button to comment on the summary version in the App. This will help you to understand what the article is about and the relevant comment to add to it in the app (irrelevant comment get the same penalty as spam/trashed comment = -150MCDT).

8) Crypto Terms/Meaning View - Use the dictionary section to search for cryptocurrency/Blockchain terms/meaning and earn learning about them.

9) Share - Use the share button to share each post you view and you can add your unique page referral link on your account sidebar of the page to earn more

10) Join Social Media - You earn for joining the social media accounts listed in the page footer/bottom of this app.

11) Donate & Earn: You can also earn just by donating to this app development and get appreciation token up to 2.5MillionMCDT at http://mycryptodictionary.com/support-project/


11) Top App Earner: We pick top 10 App Earners week. Thus, strive to maximize daily earning capacity of the app and at the end of the week, each top earners get 1,000MCDT crypto token extra. Update (30th October, 2018): This is on hold now till we hit the first 100 successful withdrawals. For every withdrawal, the member gets a 100% bonus token. Example if you withdraw 10,000MCDT, and you are among the first 100 withdraws to be processed on this platform, you get 20,000MCDT sent to your waves wallet instead. See the list of already paid members and proof of payment on Blockchain at http://mycryptodictionary.com/paid/

Kindly, check out the simplified details of the above-listed activities and how much you can earn from them;

Instance Amount Limit
MCDT for becoming MyCDApp member 1,000 -
MCDT for Approved Comment 100 -
MCDT for viewing video 10 -
MCDT for site visit 200 -
MCDT for daily logging in 150 Maximum once per day
MCDT for referring a visitor 10 Maximum 10 times per day
MCDT for referring a new member 1,000 No limit
MCDT for clicking on link to: %url% 100 -
MCDT for viewing a post 50 Maximum 20 times per day
MCDT for learning about a crypto term 25 Maximum 10 times per day
MCDT for learning about Crypto via Tutorial 15 Maximum 1000 times in total

NOTE: To start earning with this app you need to register and login. Click Here To Register Free!


MyCryptoDictionary Token (MCDT) Info;

This is not just a centralized generated reward points within the app only but it is equally backed with a cryptocurrency token created on Waves Blockchain (thanks to the Waves team for creating a platform that made this possible). Thus, all your earnings are backed by the real MCDT on the Blockchain, can be withdrawn into your Waves wallet and traded on an open crypto exchange (Waves Dex etc.) for Waves, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoincash, Litecoin etc. Below are the details of the Blockchain version of MCDT;

Cryptocurrency: Yes

ICO: No Presale, No ICO (MCDT is a utility token and only distributed via Airdrop, bounty, App earning and reward for the team)

Blockchain: Waves

Name: MyCryptoDictionary Token (MCDT)

Maximum Supply: 10,000,000,000MCDT (10Billion)

ReIssueable: No (mean team can not mint new token secretly and dump on the market - proof on Blockchain at http://wavesexplorer.com/tx/3WP9kDMKjWh892SmVor9d1r8SqZog7VfVL7PsAD4yWNr )

MCDT Allocation: 60% (for App Rewards),  10% (Reserved), 20% (for App project development) and 10% (for the team)

The MCDT token allocation means that the highest share of 60% will be earned by users of this app via different activities listed above and others to be added as at when due. Thus, you have access to earn cryptocurrency legitimately via this app daily.


How To Withdraw App Earnings?

You can withdraw your App earning to popular crypto like Waves, Bitcoin and then to Cash. Click here to go to the withdrawal page for details.