Why We Don’t Need Failed Fiat Stablecoins Like USDT?


Developers from Platinum Q DAO shares a secret of creating definitely reliable stablecoins like  USDQ, KRWQ, CNYQ and JPYQ. Haleel Risthisen is an active member of crypto community who has contributed extensively to emerging blockchain-based solutions. She currently works as a Blockchain Engineer at Platinum Q DAO Engineering, leveraging her skills in cryptography and DLT to help develop USDQ, a fully decentralized stablecoin for easy Bitcoin collateralization. Accustomed to agile and SCRUM environments, she combines a platform-level architecture mind and ability to discern lower-level challenges and bottlenecks, always ready to consult customers on the journey ahead and choices available. Dedicated…
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Why We Don’t Need Failed Fiat Stablecoins Like USDT?

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