Uber IPO: Why a $100 Billion Valuation Is an Absolute Pipe Dream


By CCN: Uber revolutionized cross-town transportation, but that’s not going to help the company make any money. That’s one shocking revelation from the Uber IPO filing, which makes the rideshare giant’s $100 billion valuation look like nothing more than a pipe dream. Uber: ‘We May Not Achieve Profitability’ This major red flag really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Massive competition in the ride-hailing space could force Uber to lower fares and raise driver incentives just to retain market share – much less turn a profit. Uber reported revenue of $11.3 billion for 2018. The bad news is that its top-line…
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Uber IPO: Why a 0 Billion Valuation Is an Absolute Pipe Dream

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