TRX Starts 2019 Off With A Bang As BTC & ETC Fall Victim To New Year

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As we move further into the new year, we are starting to see some crypto projects really stand out as contenders for 2019. More than any others, TRON TRX – a cryptocurrency backed by a project that promises the most exciting growth during 2019. On the other hand, some other projects haven’t started the new year with quite the impact they would have hoped, namely Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency and Ethereum Classic, the ever popular Ethereum spinoff, which has fallen victim to quite a large scale hack during the past week. Before we continue, let’s just note that the performance of cryptocurrencies over the past couple of weeks is not a true indicator for what might happen with the markets through the rest of the year, 2019 has only just begun and we expect to see some incredible movements this year, therefore don’t get down just yet – things seem tough at the moment, but they should brighten up soon enough! Investment is risky, so as ever, please remember to do prior research before choosing to invest and only do so in a safe manner! TRON TRX The biggest news out of the TRON camp this week comes as the TRON Foundation, led by Justin Sun, have announced the employment of a Former SEC Attorney – David Labhart. Labhart joins the team as TRON’s Head of Compliance and will be using a wealth of expertise gained from the SEC to ensure that the future growth of TRON and TRX…
Source: TRX Starts 2019 Off With A Bang As BTC & ETC Fall Victim To New Year

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