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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Rivalries

March 8, 2018 News 0

While there is weight to the argument that the success of one cryptocurrency promotes the success of all cryptocurrencies, there are certainly a number of coins whose communities and even development teams have adopted a position of spite and rivalry toward competing projects. Here are five of the best rivalries throughout cryptocurrency. 5. Binance Coin vs KuCoin Shares While Binance emerged as the premier altcoin exchange in 2017, high withdrawal fees, dust issues, and registration closeouts led many traders to seek something better than even Binance. From this search, KuCoin emerged late last year. Binance Coin (BNB) and KuCoin Shares (KCS) are the tokens that provide privileges to and represent the exchanges in contention. Currently, BNB, with a market cap of almost US$900 million, is worth more than three times as much as KCS. As an exchange, Binance’s 24 hour volume, which currently leads all cryptocurrency exchanges with close to US$2 billion, is magnitudes larger than that of KuCoin. However, the daily dividends accrued by KCS have attracted a number of investors, and could potentially overtake BNB if KuCoin saw a significant increase in trading volume. 4. EnjinCoin vs GameCredits Since EnjinCoin (ENJ) began to rebound from all-time lows in November of last year, the holders of the coin that emerged have been out for blood. EnjinCoin doesn’t just want to beat other gaming currencies; ENJ wants to be the gaming currency. Its biggest roadblock is GameCredits (GAME), the first gaming cryptocurrency and only project that has consistently been valued higher. While GAME…
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