Tech-Averse Warren Buffett’s Company Wolfs $900 Million in AMZN Stock


By CCN: By the end of Wednesday’s trading, Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway had a stake in Amazon’s stock worth $904 million, an SEC disclosure reveals. To get a sense of scale for how big is, the $900 million stake in Amazon’s stock only puts Berkshire Hathaway in control of 0.1% of the e-commerce giant’s retail empire. Warren Buffett disclosed the mammoth Amazon stock acquisition to CNBC earlier in the month but didn’t disclose the amount. The Oracle of Omaha did make sure to let everyone know it wasn’t he who finally put some Amazon stock on Berkshire Hathaway’s books…
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Tech-Averse Warren Buffett’s Company Wolfs 0 Million in AMZN Stock

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