Ripple (XRP) Bears Prepping For A Serious Show Of Strength


Ripple (XRP) has declined significantly over the past few days that has now given the bears more reason to push further. The number of shorts that until recently was on the verge of a massive decline is now once again struggling to get above the 21 Day EMA. The daily chart for XRPUSDShorts shows the there is still plenty of room for further upside. The number of shorts is going to at least test the previous all time high, if not rise higher. The pattern on the daily chart for XRPUSDShorts shows that the bears are going to have an upper hand towards the end of the year. With the beginning of 2019, we would see the bears pushing for a rally which will most likely take us towards the long anticipated altcoin season. As long as XRPUSDShorts remain above the 21 Day EMA, there is no hope of a successful recovery. Ripple (XRP) may defy Bitcoin (BTC) movements short term or stall correction but it will have to ultimately complete its correction to the full extent. Present circumstances indicate that this correction will most likely push Ripple (XRP) below $0.20 in the next few days. This will also give the bears more confidence and the number of shorts will rise towards the previous all time high. That would be the ideal time to start looking for long entries. A lot of people have been waiting for Ripple (XRP) below $0.20. A few months back, it would have seemed completely…
Source: Ripple (XRP) Bears Prepping For A Serious Show Of Strength

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