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Promising ICOs and How to Spot Them –

January 3, 2018 News 0

2017 Initial Coin Offerings  The ICO market has exploded in 2017. Once a relatively unknown funding method, the total number of ICOs in the first half of 2017 surpasses the whole number of funds raised in 2016. How Does It Work?  Projects launch an ICO by issuing crypto tokens on the blockchain, giving early investors the opportunity to acquire tokens in exchange for cryptocurrency. ICOs are usually limited by time or a cap on the amount of funds raised. The value and number of tokens released can be static or calculated based on the amount of funds raised. The Problem with Investing  Not all ICOs are honest, in many cases start-ups have launched their ICO without a well thought out plan and strong team behind the project, simply offering an impressive website with a vague whitepaper. In fact, many crypto token projects have failed to deliver their promises to investors. One well known example of this is the DAO, which raised $150 million in ICO, the largest ever, later losing a large amount of the fund due to hacking. Solution   As mentioned above a certain amount of risk is involved when choosing an ICO to invest in. has the purpose of guiding you through the ICO market, offering non-biased reviews and ratings of projects. These reviews are based on what believes is the core of a successful project including elements such as: • Real teams • detailed whitepaper • quality of website and other marketing strategy • transparency • admins who understand and explain the project • backing from the crypto community. a Triumphant ICO One project that has been recently reviewed is Developed by an experienced team…
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