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NEM Price Shows Bullish Signs due to Binance Listing

March 20, 2018 News 0

It has become evident most cryptocurrency markets will head in a very interesting decision moving forward. As of right now, the NEM price is making some big waves, even though this is primarily due to the new listing on an exchange. From a technical point of view, there are no real changes to warrant a NEM price increase. NEM Price is Moving up Again Even though the year 2018 has not been overly kind to NEM in many different ways, things are still looking pretty positive as of right now. Even though the NEM price hit $0.5 a few days ago the value quickly dipped to $0.24 again over the weekend. Right now, we are looking at a nice 13.28% increase to push the NEM price to $0.323 once again. It seems most of this surge is fueled by a recent listing of NEM on the Binance exchange. Although Binance is the largest altcoin exchange in the world right now, it is evident them adding NEM should never cause any major price spikes. Technical currencies like this one should appreciate in value whenever the developers make some big changes. Right now, that is not happening for NEM, even though one could argue the NEM price has been suppressed due to the recent negative market pressure. With this recent 13.28% increase in NEM price, things are looking pretty good for this altcoin. It is also interesting to note how NEM has appreciated by 10.78% over Bitcoin, which is also rising in…
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