#MyCDAppGiveaway: 50,000KIN, 1000KIN Daily, 120Winners In 30Days

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#MyCDAppGiveaway: 50,000KIN, 1000KIN Daily, 120Winners In 30Days

February 8, 2018 Airdrops Giveaways News 3

We are glad to announce our giveaway to appreciate our fast growing MyCDApp users and crypto community. Thus, check how to claim some KIN tokens for yourself in the giveaway below (We believe in KIN tokens project technology and ecosystem which could also aid it spiking higher in value in future. Thus, its a good choice token for our giveaway):


How Many Winners?

We give out the 1,000KIN tokens daily to 4 winners (250KIN per Winner) and that for 30days will produce

4 x 30 = 120Winners.

How To Participate in MyCDAppGiveaway?

We plan to do this from time to time as part of our roadmap for 2018 to have more people access Crypto Terms and news at a tap via our App on various platforms.

You need to follow the steps that will be published daily for the next 30days of the giveaway, with each having its unique tasks for the day.

Each day, we will drop 4 unique winning codes via the App, which could be in the Dictionary section, Inside post articles or announcement. To give the community a gist when dropped, we will send ANN via the APP and some via our official telegram group or Twitter.

When Will MyCDAppGiveaway Winners Be Announced?

Winners will be announced and sent their KIN tokens daily (within 24h-48h after wining) throughout the 30days.

Is There Referrer Bonus For This MyCDAppGiveaway?

Yes, we plan to reward top 10 referrer at the end of the 30days giveaway each wining 1,000KIN as we have reserved 10,000KIN for that. Thus, the more you referrer others the better your chances of been among the top 10 winners.

Terms and Conditions of MyCDApp Giveaway?

The following TOS applies and should be strictly followed and no consideration will be given if breached. Also, note that MyCDApp Team reserved all the right to change any or whole of these TOS anytime without prior notice. Thus, you are encourage to always check it daily via the link on daily task posts to make sure you stay uptodate with it.

1) Watchout for daily task and winners codes information via the ANN page of the App

2) Watchout for winners announcement daily via the ANN page of the App

3) You can only win ones daily but no limit to amount of days within the 30days

4) Check to make sure you follow, join and subscribe to all the accounts listed under the Follow,Subscribe,Join and Register Section as they could be changed or updated to reflect new account like our sponsors and others. If you miss any of those accounts you will not get your token even if you are the first to get and post the code

5) Only post the code where the task for that day specifies, if it specifies Blog comment and you drop it in Telegram, you will not be considered while another person that drops the code after you in the right place will take the reward.

6) Avoid commenting, twitting at and so on about issues like i want to win, let me too win etc. You may be banned

7) Once you find one of the wining codes for the day, make sure you only post,comment or tweet it based on the tasks instructions for that day in the following format (you can copy and paste, then replace the answers with your real info used to participate in this giveaway to help our team easily verify you):

Day1Code3 = MyCDAppW£5zxet\

Twitter = @YourTwitterUsername  

Youtube Name = Your name as shown on your comment on the intro video

Eth = 0x4a3e16e57cd9e7fb7aba3a2e08e8e5efcb99bc5b

8) Make sure the code and Eth Address (Do not submit exchange Eth wallet address to us) are spelt correctly because we will not contact you to reconfirm the accuracy of address once you win before we send the tokens.

9) We will drop 4 unique winning code daily. Thus, avoid repeating the same code someone has dropped or you may get banned. Once someone drop it before you, skip and wait to get another one.

10) Follow,Join and Subscribe to the following accounts and platforms permanently throughout the giveaway or you will not be rewarded:

i) Follow Section

> MyCDApp (Twitter)

> Oskaaay (Twitter)

> WavesForAfrica (Twitter)

> POWAfrica (Twitter)


ii) Join Section

> MyCD App Official Group (Telegram)


iii) Subscribe Section

> MyCDApp News Channel (Telegram)

> Like MyCDApp FB Page (Facebook)

> MyCDApp Y Channel (Youtube Video/Channel) - Note: Due to the fact that we could not easily trace all Youtube subscribers, you will need to subscribe to the channel and then comment below that MyCDApp Introduction video. The name on your comment will help us to verify that you have subscribed when you add it to your details submitted with the winning code.


iv) Register Section

> Foskaay Forum (Forum) - It is very important and MANDATORY that you use the same username on Telegram used to join the official group as your username on this forum when registering. Not doing so could make you lose the token reward.

Note: You only need to do the above ones and you will be set to winning daily for the next 30days. If we detect you do not complete above we will not send you your tokens even if you win.

11) Referrer: To be among the top 10 to win extra 1,000KIN each at the end of this 30days giveaway, create your referrer code CLICK HERE and share.

Ready To Start Claim Your Free Tokens Daily?

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This Website Has Official Crypto Dictionary App With Over 1,000 Crypto Terms & Meaning + Crypto News +ICO +Airdrop +Bounty Alerts From Top Crypto Websites In One APP - CLick To Download Free Now From Adroid/iOS Store!