Is Right Now a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin?


There are always people looking at the current price trend of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As all markets continue to lose value, it would seem there is no real reason to buy Bitcoin right now. At the same time, opportunities like these do not come around all that often. With the right information in hand, a well-weighed decision can be made accordingly. The Bitcoin Facts Plain and Simple Regardless of the current Bitcoin price, it wouldn’t necessarily make a lot of sense to invest in the world’s leading cryptocurrency. After hitting over $19,500 a few months ago, the price has now collapsed to roughly $3,000. On paper, that looks like the asset has run out of steam, even though there are plenty of solid arguments to buy Bitcoin now. After all, these low prices may not remain in place all that long. The technical aspects of Bitcoin have not changed despite the negative pressure. Unlike some other cryptocurrencies on the market with no supply cap, there will only be a maximum of 21 million Bitcoins by 2,140. The actual supply will be a lot lower as well as several thousands of BTC have been lost over the years for a wide variety of reasons. Additionally, Bitcoin is still useful as a currency. Although it is primarily an investment and speculative vehicle according to the media, it is evident there is some transactional value. After all, Bitcoin’s network sees the highest value transferred of all cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. That…
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