Introducing BITRUST: the first crypto currency insurance platform's no1 cryptocurrency dictionary!

Introducing BITRUST: the first crypto currency insurance platform

March 10, 2018 News 0

A story of BITRUST started with a problem which gathered a team of blockchain enthusiasts to solve it — to have an affordable tool for hedging cryptocurrency trading transactions. And it is true, with the altcoins market volatility we have faced these few months it is obvious that everything is ready for such product to come about. In this blog we will tell in more detail about what BITRUST offers and why it is needed.   The idea Altcoins are highly volatile — the total market cap hyped by 10,000% starting in 2013 and right up until its downturn this January. Moreover, how extremely complex it is to forecast these market fluctuations! And this is exactly why market was calling out for something like BITRUST — to solve the real issue of altcoin volatility for small and medium investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. “On one hand the market volatility is skyrocking, and on the other — the interest in cryptocurrencies and the value behind blockchain technology is really growing. More and more people talk about it everyday. It means that already this year a lot of people will want to join the movement, learn more about crypto world and also participate in its development. We are looking at the few year long market adjustment and growth period ahead of us and we believe that BITRUST is the type of project which will heavily contribute into such adjustment,” says company’s CEO Alex Duhamel. Alex adds: “With BITRUST you don’t have to accept…
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