ICO Trackers Are the New Gatekeepers of Crowdsales


The burgeoning ICO industry has spawned a lucrative business for tracker sites that monitor and review the latest projects. Not only do these sites earn lucrative sums for their featured reviews, but the largest have the power to make or break ICOs. Tracker websites have become the unofficial gatekeepers of crowdsales. Also read: Joystream Test Drive — How To Get Paid Bitcoin Seeding Bittorrent Files ICO Trackers Are Growing Stronger Every Day Safe Haven is an ICO addressing the problem of digital inheritance. The project is seeking to devise a means of passing on private keys to relatives so they can access your crypto wealth when you’re gone. Halfway down the Safe Haven homepage, three logos are displayed prominently, prefaced by the words “As seen in”: ICO Daily, ICO List, and Coin Schedule. It’s the same story with Nauticus, an Australian crypto exchange launching in mid-2018, also via an ICO. It proudly displays the ICO sites it’s featured on and their corresponding ratings out of five: Wiser ICO (4.5), ICO Marks (4.45), ICObench (4.7) and Trudex (4.15). 12 months ago, many of these review sites didn’t exist. The proliferation of ICOs has resulted in an avalanche of crowdsales too numerous for any one person to review. Enter the ICO review site, which does all the hard work so you can tell at a glance which projects have merit and which are best avoided. These sites can be regarded a net good with the potential to cut through the noise and zero…
Source: ICO Trackers Are the New Gatekeepers of Crowdsales

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