#FreeCryptoMoney: POWToken #Airdrops (See Details)

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#FreeCryptoMoney: POWToken #Airdrops (See Details)

January 4, 2018 Airdrops News 0

Yeah, we have in this post how you can grab about 60,000 POWTokens worth $25 presently and already trading so you are sure to have it increase to possibly $100 to $1,000 in few months time if you Hodl after all its free.

How To Claim POWToken?

It very easy and you only need to have;

  1. Facebook account (You claim 30,000)
  2. Twitter account (You claim another 30,000)

And the followers not of consideration just make sure its an account opened before Sept 15th, 2017 any account open recently below that date will be rejected.

Its a limited offer and can’t say when it will end.

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