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Ethereum Price Surpasses $800 as Bullish Momentum Intensifies

May 4, 2018 News 0

All cryptocurrencies are still enjoying a lot of bullish momentum as of right now. Although it remains to be seen how long the positive trend will last, things look pretty promising for the Ethereum price as of right now. Thanks to strong overnight gains, the Ethereum price has surpassed $800 for the first time since early March 2018. A very surprising development, although one worth keeping an eye on. The Ethereum price Momentum Remains in Place Whenever a particular cryptocurrency surges in value in quick succession, there is a genuine expectation of how the momentum will turn bearish again sooner rather than later. For the Ethereum price, that bearish momentum has not materialized as of yet, as the value simply keeps going up day after day. It is a very peculiar trend although one that may warrant a brief Ethereum price correction at some point in the near future. Over the past 24 hours, the Ethereum price has surged by another 11.67%. Although Bitcoin and most other top cryptocurrencies are noting strong gains as well, It is evident Ethereum is doing a far better job, for some reason. This increase effectively pushed the Ethereum price above $800 again, albeit it is expected there will be a fair bit of resistance at this level throughout the remainder of the day and possibly all weekend as well. It is also interesting to note how Ethereum continues to gain on Bitcoin with relative ease. Thanks to another 5.31% increase in the ETH/BTC ratio, one…
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