EOS Price Hangs on to $17 but Might Drop Lower Soon


It will be rather interesting to see what the future brings for all cryptocurrencies as of right now. While most of the top currencies are still in the green, there is some concern over the momentum running out sooner rather than later. So far, it seems the EOS price will continue to struggle a bit, despite solid gains over the past week. Can the EOS Price Recover Soon? As is always the case when any cryptocurrency gains a lot of value in quick succession, there’s a very good chance the momentum will reverse course. In the case of the EOS price, the gains from last week and earlier this week cannot be held onto for that long. After hitting $22.66, the EOS price has dropped quite a bit in quick succession. While a drop from $22.6 to $17..19 isn’t necessarily spectacular, it does show a lot of those quick gains are being eradicated as of right now. This is not because of the Bitcoin price faltering by any means, as it is just the EOS price going down pretty quickly. Last night, there was another 3.74% decline, but that isn’t the most worrisome aspect as of right now. More specifically, the EOS price decline is mainly fueled by a loss against both Bitcoin and Ethereum.  Although the loss against Bitcoin was “just’ 8.34%, the drop against Ethereum was a lot steeper at 11.34%. Keeping all of this information in mind, it is only normal the EOS price is dealing with…
Source: EOS Price Hangs on to but Might Drop Lower Soon

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