Dow Plunges After China Lashes Out at ‘Bully’ Trump


By CCN: The US stock market plummeted during the week’s final trading session, as the Dow and Wall Street’s other major indices reeled from yet another escalation to the US-China trade war. Dow Reels After Beijing Unloads on Trump Administration Stock futures traded sharply lower ahead of Friday’s opening bell. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures lost 190 points or 0.73%, implying a 182.68 point decline. S&P 500 futures dropped 0.72%, while Nasdaq futures shed 0.98% during a chilly morning on Wall Street. A fearful stock market shivered after China’s government bared its teeth in the rapidly-escalating trade war. Citing comments…
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Dow Plunges After China Lashes Out at ‘Bully’ Trump

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