Dogecoin Price Gains on Bitcoin Yet Loses USD Value


As the overarching cryptocurrency market slump continues, there is a growing demand for assets which are perceived at stable Although stablecoins would usually fit that bill, Dogecoin also makes an interesting case for itself. Under the current conditions, it is also losing a bit of value, although in far less spectacular fashion compared to other markets. Dogecoin Price Momentum Sours Slightly It has always been difficult for alternative currencies to escape Bitcoin’s gravitational pull. The year 2018 has illustrated that point virtually every other day. While Dogecoin usually does its own thing, it too is losing a bit of value in the US Dollar department. That is not entirely abnormal, although it seems unlikely a dip below $0.0015 will occur anytime soon. Over the past 24 hours, the Dogecoin price has dropped to just above $0.002. That is not necessarily bothersome, as the altcoin has maintained this level for quite some time now. However, the 2.1% decline in USD value is a bit worrisome. At the same time, the DOGE/BTC ratio increased by 2%, as the altcoin has retaken the 62 Satoshi level once again. A very peculiar topic is emerging on Twitter as of right now. It seems someone is spreading rumors regarding Dogecoin and Litecoin merging into one project. That will likely never happen although it is possible to merge-mine both currencies through select mining pools. As such, there is some minor truth to this “merge”, albeit not of a nature most people would expect. #Dogecoin and #litecoin…
Source: Dogecoin Price Gains on Bitcoin Yet Loses USD Value

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