Did You Receive Any Bitcoin This Christmas?


Christmas and the holidays bring with them the tradition of gift giving. Indeed, I’m sure our readers will have asked for a whole host of things to be gifted to them, was anyone however brave enough to ask Santa (or his equivalent) for Bitcoin this year? Gifting Bitcoin is a little bit of a strange concept, as really, buying Bitcoin is a gamble. As a result of market volatility, you could purchase a gift for somebody in Bitcoin that could be worth x amount at the time of purchase, but could have lost 30% of it’s value by the time you actually give the gift – suddenly, your gift is no longer as valuable as it was initially, but does this make a Bitcoin gift any less meaningful? On the flip side, the same could happen but in reverse and in fact your gift could suddenly grow 30%. What happens now? Do you still gift the full amount, or do you take the 30% profit on the premise that you only wanted to gift a set amount in the first place? Overall, it’s a bit of a minefield of ethical and moral judgements, isn’t it? Bitcoin adoption These problems are one day subject to change, that is, through the beautiful idea of Bitcoin adoption. Now at the moment it is possible to gift somebody Bitcoin (you just transfer it to their wallet) it’s also possible to purchase crypto and Bitcoin based gift cards/vouchers for people too, if you’d rather your…
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