Darknet Vendor Arrest Leads to 300 Raids Involving Fake Euro Bills


When it comes to illegal activity on the darknet, most topics revolve around counterfeit goods and narcotics. That is not entirely abnormal, as there are two types of very common goods bought and sold on darknet marketplaces. However, fake money and counterfeit banknotes have also gained a lot of popularity. One of the biggest online operations of this kind has now been shut down by law enforcement officials. A Large-scale Europol Operation Most people are familiar with the concept of how one “minor event” can have a big impact in the months to come. When it comes to darknet investigations, that situation is no different whatsoever. Europol effectively shut down a counterfeit money ring active on the darknet several months ago. While that was an initial success first and foremost, the real outcome of this investigation has only become apparent in the past week or two. To put this in perspective, the first arrests were made in Austria during June of 2018. One individual was suspected of creating and distributing counterfeit euro notes on the darknet. His main operation got on the radar of Europol after tracking down shipments and transactions to one specific vendor. However, he was only the first fish on the hook, as the actual investigation took an interesting direction shortly afterward. The main outcome of this arrest comes in the form of the list of customers who purchased fake banknotes from this vendor. As one would come to expect, a lot of people like to buy…
Source: Darknet Vendor Arrest Leads to 300 Raids Involving Fake Euro Bills

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