Customers Are Ditching KeepKey Due to Lack of Altcoin Support


In the world of cryptocurrency hardware wallets, there are a few products which everyone seems to love. Both the Ledger Nano S and the TREZOR are two great examples of powerful and popular products. When it comes to KeepKey, however, it seems there are a lot of concerns these days. Its subreddit is filled with various complaints on the overall stagnation of the software side of things. It’s not a positive sign by any means, but the company can still turn things around. KeepKey Lacks Sufficient Altcoin Support It is evident that cryptocurrency hardware wallets must evolve and improve over time. Whereas most products were initially designed to support Bitcoin only, that is no longer an acceptable situation. There are a growing number of altcoins and ERC20 tokens which all deserve to be supported as well. Integrating this functionality is not easy, although companies such as KeepKey should have no real trouble doing so over time. Unfortunately, that is not happening right now. In fact, people are growing concerned over KeepKey’s lack of support for more currencies. Given the success of Bitcoin Cash, one would expect to have seen that hard fork supported by now. Sadly, that is not in the plans for KeepKey, nor is the company (seemingly) looking into supporting other currencies in the future. It is a very disappointing turn of events, especially from a company which has the hardware to rival both Ledger and SatoshiLabs in the long run. Cryptocurrency investors and speculators began to diversify their portfolios quite some time ago. As a…
Source: Customers Are Ditching KeepKey Due to Lack of Altcoin Support

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