Crypto Craig Talks Bitcoin With Drew & Luke


Crypto Daily are proud to introduce Crypto Craig from Bitcoin Energy, the latest influencer to take to our growing YouTube community – Crypto Daily Official YouTube Channel Make sure you check out Bitcoin Energy for the hottest new Bitcoin product: Liquid Assets! Crypto Craig is a long time crypto enthusiast with a love for the industry. Craig has a sheer excitement for the industry that stemmed from his own research a few years ago. Craig quickly realised that this new form of internet money was not just a fad, it was a part of a far bigger revolution, one that continues to grow by the day (and one that keeps us all very busy). Craig believes in the technology, the democracy and the sprinkle of anarchy that comes with cryptocurrencies and is therefore pretty bullish about the future of everybody involved in it, ourselves included! In his latest video, over a cool can of Liquid Assets talks to Drew a FOREX expert with a love for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and Luke who has a wealth of experience in both FOREX and cryptocurrency trading. Together, Drew and Luke aim to educate the masses with knowledge that could change your life both in crypto and FOREX trading, two industries that draw upon a number of significant similarities. As with many new investors. Drew and Luke got into the cryptosphere through gaining a wealth of experience through FOREX trading. They both saw huge potential in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which encouraged them to…
Source: Crypto Craig Talks Bitcoin With Drew & Luke

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