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Colorado Proposal Aims to Allow Cryptocurrency Donations for Campaigns

May 19, 2018 News 0

The state of Colorado is considering giving political candidates the ability to raise funds using cryptocurrencies. This week the Secretary of State, Wayne Williams, presented the proposed guidelines and officials are looking for commentary from Colorado residents. Also read: “Stablecoin” Trueusd Pumps After Binance Listing Colorado Secretary of State May Allow Politicians to Accept Cryptocurrencies for Campaigns Colorado is a state that is well known for testing new laws and guidelines like allowing recreational cannabis throughout the state. This week politicians from the Rocky Mountain state are considering allowing political candidates to accept bitcoin and other forms of digital assets. Secretary of State Wayne Williams proposed the new rules in a draft submitted on May 16, 2018. The proposal states:   A committee may accept contributions in cryptocurrency, up to the acceptable limit for a cash or coin contribution. The amount of the contribution is the value of the cryptocurrency at the time of the contribution. The committee must report any gain or loss after the contribution as other income or receipts. Crypto-Campaign Acceptance: An Accounting Nightmare In an interview with the Denver Post Suzanne Staiert, Colorado’s deputy secretary of state explains the proposal going through is likely to happen. “The FEC is doing it now,” Staiert details. “So we are just going along for the ride.” However, the FEC advisory’s guidelines are making the accounting process more difficult explains the deputy. The FEC advisory laid out how the organization thinks committees should deal with the accounting aspects of accepting cryptocurrencies.…
Source: Colorado Proposal Aims to Allow Cryptocurrency Donations for Campaigns