Cardano Price Moves up After One-Year Anniversary Celebration


As most cryptocurrency markets are showing signs of life, the Cardano price cannot remain behind. A small gain has been noted in both USD and BTC departments over the past few hours, partially because the project has recently celebrated its first anniversary. This venture has come a very long way since launching, although there is a lot more work ahead. Cardano Price Momentum Picks up Steam As is always the case across different cryptocurrencies during the weekend, things tend to get rather interesting. Small gains are being noted in quick succession, although no earthshaking movement looms on the horizon just yet. For the Cardano price, the current trend appears to be very positive, even though the minor 2% gain is not necessarily something to be overly excited about just yet. One has to keep in mind Cardano is still a relatively new project in the cryptocurrency industry. It has turned one year old this week, and a lot of progress has been made in the process. Even so, Cardano is still a long way removed from competing with the top dogs in the industry. Community members still look forward to a lot of upcoming developments, as there is no time to rest on one’s laurels in this competitive industry. Speaking of the one-year anniversary of Cardano, IOHK has put together a highlight clip of some of the big breakthroughs achieved during 2017 and 2018. This video shows how far IOHK and Cardano have come in the past few months. It is…
Source: Cardano Price Moves up After One-Year Anniversary Celebration

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