Are Security Tokens The Answer To Bitcoin’s Troubles?

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Throughout 2018, Bitcoin suffered an interesting year in which many people lost out on their investment with industry executives claiming that security tokens to be the cryptocurrency space as the saviour of the market. In November alone, Bitcoin saw a loss of 17 percent in value near the end of a year which was essentially a downtrend. Currently, Bitcoin is just above $4,000 but there are fears for the bear market to continue throughout 2019. Some people have pointed the finger at government regulatory plans, fraud and the irrelevant digital currencies on a daily basis. In recent weeks, enthusiasts of crypto have been getting riled up about the security tokens and how they could spark some life into the market. Making headlines Security tokens are securities (duh) such as bonds and stocks which can be used or ‘tokenised’ on the trading platform for cryptocurrencies, the blockchain. The tokens have recently made headlines after an Estonian cryptocurrency firm launched a trading platform which allows investors to purchase tokenised shares of NASDAQ companies. The company in question is the DX.EXCHANGE. Two of the biggest companies and household names in the world, Facebook and Apple are just a few of the big firms with shares on offer. The financial technology and digital investment bank Fincross’ Deputy CEO and CSO, Henry James has said that the change could push more investors into the crypto market. Speaking to the Daily Express,  “I don’t expect we will see a rapid reversal of the 2018 sell-off in…
Source: Are Security Tokens The Answer To Bitcoin’s Troubles?

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