Alphabit ICO Is Live - Check Here For Details's no1 cryptocurrency dictionary!

Alphabit ICO Is Live - Check Here For Details

January 3, 2018 ICO News 1

The Alphabit ICO is now open for participants and seems much easier to obtain now considering the fact that it is an ERC20 based token.

What is Alphabit Platform All About?
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How Much Is Alphabit ICO?

Early Investor Rate
0.0001 ETH = 1 LPH

How To Participate in Alphabit ICO?

Its simple, during the PRE-ICO Crowdsale / Funding phase of (LPH) investors and backers of this project will receive LPH at a reduced rate. The PRE-ICO Crowdsale / Funding phase will only last for 30 days. Concluding the PRE-ICO, (LPH) will launch the ICO Crowdsale.

Investing in the (LPH) ICO you will need a compatible wallet that can hold ERC20 tokens. Such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Parity, and others. After the launch of (LPH) we will supply all of our members with a secure software & paper wallet to store your LPH.

To get started with Alphabit ICO, just CLICK HERE NOW