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World No1 Crypto Dictionary App

UPDATE: Base on Requests, If you have a platform to push the sale then get in touch with your terms and percentage if the buyer comes from you. Mail directly to Open @!

Average Bid Price:

5 BTC || 50BCH || 100ETH || 10,000WAVES || Other Tokens That Is Easly Tradeable

What is MyCryptoDictionary?

It is a Cryptocurrency Dictionary App with target minimum of 1,000+ crypto terms and meaning (currently have over 360 terms and meaning and adding more daily).

Also, a one-stop App for Newbies to access crypto news from top crypto websites/blogs to reduce stress of going through each individually, Airdrop/Bounty Alerts, ICO reviews, Exchange (Swap from Bitcoin to altcoins and viseversa via secured Changelly integration), Video Tutorials, Crypto job alerts and lot more.

As crypto get more mainstream adoption, schools teaching crypto, research and lot other activities make Newbies to need a cryptocurrency dictionary to help with the jargon terms only Pros understand but no one can do without them in the crypto community.

Think MyCryptoDictionary App as the first go to place for Newbie to understand and relate well with crypto terms.

LIVE SAMPLE AND PROVE OF MyCryptoDictionary At Work?

1) App (Android Version 1.0.1)

Click Here To Download

SEE GooglePlay Store installs statistics without ads done yet below.

Please note that the active user drop to below 40% because the App builder (Apsmomment affiliate) we used recently had problem which made the App not accessible but we are resolving it now and one alternative design we plan to replace the current version 1 with the issue is downloadable via the direct link above to check.

2) Web Version

See the web version live below. You can navigate it from 3 places (1: Use search box; 2: Use the Alphabet option or; 3: Select Category for example select exchange category to display terms and meaning relating to exchanges etc.). Also you will notice some terms been underlined on this page, try click on them to see how the dictionary tool tip features works with the blog and other pages across this website to pick terms and lead readers to the definition page in the dictionary. Some Examples too are: Bull, ATH, TXID, Bearish, Hodl, WTF etc.

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3) SocialMedia Push

We dominate the CryptoTerms hastag on Twitter, Click the tag to check it out now #CryptoTerms


What milestone have MyCryptoDictionary achieved?

<1> Launched on December 10th, 2017 (3months ago) as an Android only App, it quickly became the leading crypto dictionary App on Google Playstore.

<2> Got over 1,000+ installs organically without premium ads with average of 4-10 installs daily springing from search for terms like crypto dictionary, cryptocurrency dictionary, blockchain dictionary in Google Playstore.

<3> Android App Installs/Users Demographic: America (about 35%), Africa (about 30%), Asia (about 25%) and others

<4> Web Version launched in March 2018 based on community request to make it accessible for non-Android users and also to permanently make both Android and iOS users access the same content from the Web version to replace the previous App only based Android design.

<5> With the web version users can now access the advance crypto dictionary features directly from the website without the need to solely rely on Android/iOS App.

<6> The web version is SEO friendly and create more internal linking by auto underlining any terms already added into the database anywhere it appears within this website including on all Blog articles with different options to configure to taste.

<7> A drop of keywords like crypto dictionary, cryptocurrency dictionary etc. in search engines like Google, Yandex pull us on page1 of the search results.

<8> Muilti-language translation ready via Google Translation API

<9> GooglePlay Store Access to completely manage the existing users henceforth


Who is Behind MyCryptoDictionary App?

Cool to say a very young father of one by name Olasunkanmi Fakeye, founded, developed and managed the platform till this stage under my virtual freelancing company Foskaay.

Hookup with me via Twitter (@Oskaaay), LinkedIn or even live chat instantly on Whatsapp


Why Selling MyCryptoDictionary?

Yeah it isn’t an easy decision to be considered earlier by me but its already 3months over and have personally spent a lot on it in cash (Hosting, domain, premium plugins etc.), resources and time (it now take average of 5 hours of my working time daily) to build it up to this level.

Yet there are lot more to be done especially in cash for paid advertisement and marketing to reach my target goal of at least 1Million users (Android/Web/iOS) which for now could not shoulder due to having another project I started earlier before this.

And I intend to re-channel and focus my resources and financing into it to help build first Blockchain driven African forum to empower African youths to earn legitimately online posting, interacting and doing other task on the forum. You can check the working non-Blockchain prototype at


What Are Those Things Buyer Will Have Access To?

You are purchasing the full right and access to all things related to MyCryptoDictionary which are listed below:

<1> The exclusive right to continue to develop on the idea behind it to push to World No1 Crypto Dictionary

<2> Cpanel Hosting login details completely handed over to you

<3> Domain login details completely handed over to you

<4> App Builder account login details completely handed over

<5> Emails associated with Mycryptodictionary login details completely handed over

<6> The official Twitter Account @MyCDApp login details completely handed over

<7> This App website backend login details completely handed over

<8> Google Translation API reconfigured to be attached to your account

<9> Full admin access and total handing over of official Telegram group, Page and Bot (under development)



If you can forseen the influx of Newbies into crypto community and how this App will help, then kindly fill the form below.


All Mail will come from Open @ .

Kindly make sure you check the spelling also very well, mails from anyone aside that may be an impostor. BEWARE!!!

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