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Hello Dear,
MyCryptoDictionary is the World’s No1 Crypto/Blockchain Dictionary with over 600 terms/meaning and most downloaded/used crypto dictionary on Android (Google Playstore stats).

Do you have a passion for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?
Do you have the experience to drive acceptability of a crypto project in your country and ready to be part of one of the selfless community driven project powered by MyCryptoDictionary?

No Presale, No ICO – 100% Airdrop Token To Crypto Community
We have tokenized this project and now airdropping 99% of the token to enrich hodler as we continue to develop the 100%Free to access crypto dictionary app.

WHEN TRADING? Foskaay token is instantly tradeable after airdrop distribution on Waves Decentralized Exchange (Waves DEX).

Join the community and become Ambassador today.

Currently Available Ambassador Slots (20);
1) Nigeria (3)
2) Malta (2)
3) South Korea (2)
4) Ghana (1)
5) Japan (1)
6) Vietnam (3)
7) Switzerland (1)
8) SouthAfrica (2)

9) Others (5) – if your country is not listed above but crypto friendly, you are welcome to apply too.


(1) You will represent the community from your country.

(2) You publicise the MyCDApp project Airdrop.

(3) You suggest improvement needed for the App/Web to meetup users expectations from your country.

(4) Others, as requested by the community, will be voted for by the community in future as we grow.



Once approved for your country,
(1) You will be entitled to 1MillionFoskaay token airdrop (1,000,000Foskaay worth $1,000) .

(2) You get 5,000Foskaay per successful referral to the airdrop of the token (remember the token has no Presale, ICO – 99% token airdropped and 1% retain for the team). This makes is 10% referral bonus instead of the non-ambassador which is 5% (2,500Foskaay per referral).

(3) Add to Ambassadors exclusive telegram group and others as deem fit.

(4) Other benefits as will be voted for by the community in future as we grow.


How To Apply & Qualify?

We are not another rigid project adding up to Cryptosphere to enrich the team but instead to enrich the community by laying down our World’s No1 Crypto Dictionary App to help drive value to the token for holders whom will get the token FREE via airdrop (no ICO).
We are therefore not looking for certificates but for minds that will be ready to sacrifice for the crypto community in seeing that this project is a success. Instead, we look for productivity.

Thus, to apply and sure of been considered you need to;

>> Join the ongoing airdrop at ,
>> Be active in the community telegram group,

>> And refer successfully at least 50 referrals which will be manually verified by the team and cheaters will be disqualified.

>> Once you are successfully verified, your 1Million Foskaay token will reflect in the airdrop distribution sheet for your wallet for you to confirm.

Also, all referral from that point onward will be calculated at 5,000Foskaay per referral not 2,500Foskaay for you.

Olasunkanmi Fakeye
MyCDApp Team