How To Write and Present Whitepaper To Attract More Investors

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Whitepaper (Download MyCryptoDictionaryApp for full meaning of WhitePaper) is an essential part of any coin/token platform seeking to get investors to invest their money into their project.

It tells more of what the project is about, team behind it, stages and roadmap with other details like ICO and Airdrop.

It is common to have it in PDF format but we came across a more pro and beautiful way to present your white paper in a more appealing manner and also helps to write it in short and precise manner to avoid boring prospective investors. Remember your Whitepaper says alot about your project and could be a turn-on or turn-off point for prospective investors. Thus, it should not be a boring or long piece of literature book, No. Instead go straight to the points and make it graphically appealing as much as you can.

We were about reviewing Rupeeza platform Airdrop/ICO/Bounty (Click to get free Rupeeza token) when we decided to checkout their whitepaper and viola, this guys wahooo us with the Whitepaper packaging and presentation platform, very short, precise and graphically rich and easy to understand and flip through the pages without been bored as a matter of fact was pressing may be there are still some pages left after the last page- none eventually, LOL!

Thus, we decided to recommend the platform used to our App users intending to write and package there whitepaper as pro. to reaffirm and convert prospective investor into real time partners and investors.

Sample Rupeeza Whitepaper – Click Here

To create similar media rich Whitepaper- Click Here

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