Why People Are Accusing Bitcoin Of Meddling With US Midterms


 The United States are now on the verge of undergoing midterm elections. Why is this important? Well, four years ago the United States authorities decided that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin would be allowed to be used within political donations. Since then, as a result of this, some politicians in the US have raised very significant amounts of money through political campaigns in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin now has a significant position within the US voting-sphere. According to Politico.com: “Democrat Brian Forde raised nearly half a million dollars of bitcoin for his unsuccessful bid for a California congressional seat this year, but then had to field questions from election watchdogs about a contribution from Hong Kong.” Moreover: “Republican Austin Petersen, a U.S. Senate candidate from Missouri, received the largest single bitcoin donation in federal election history, but was forced to return the virtual currency in June because it exceeded federal contribution limits. Libertarian Phil Anderson, who’s running for governor in Wisconsin, decided to continue accepting crypto contributions even though Wisconsin, like most states, has not decided how to regulate or track crypto contributions.” Despite the risky connotations that Bitcoin brings to the table in politics, it is clear that politicians in the United States are still happy to deal in crypto. As a result of this, people are now starting to question the power Bitcoin has in these elections and thus, are accusing Bitcoin of meddling. What is happening here? A lot of the time, this is just a case of disgruntled…
Source: Why People Are Accusing Bitcoin Of Meddling With US Midterms

3 thoughts on “Why People Are Accusing Bitcoin Of Meddling With US Midterms

  1. This sounds funny. Bitcoin is not an entity nor fiat controlled by a country or individual. Thus, it’s not Bitcoin that is meddling with the elections but people hiding behind beyond it.

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