Why can DAD with 500 million users reshape the digital advertising industry?


Advertisement: The word comes from Latin “advertere,” which means “attention, inducement and transmission,” which then evolved into “advertising.” Its meaning is often taken to be “an action to make others notice” or “something to cause others to pay attention.” Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Nowadays, advertising is integrated into many aspects of our lives. From home to company, they are everywhere: buses, subways, elevators, and even bathrooms are covered by advertisements. Turn on you mobile and computer, and at first glance, advertising is there as well: Search — Video — Game — Forum — Social media. We deal with advertisements all the time in our lives. It is not hard to spot some of the problems. For example, we have to step out of the advertising message when we just want to easily watch a video, our information was completely transparently exposed in the Internet world just after we registered a website; and we are bombarded day after day with various kinds of unrelated advertising information and even accidentally enter the trap of fraud which can cause all kinds of losses. These illegal advertisements have brought many troubles to Internet users, and they are increasingly looking forward to the emergence of brand new advertising platforms, allowing them to see the ads that they really need and the products that are of genuine value and material. Of course, it would be great if they could get a share of the profits while watching the ads. After learning what the users really think, DAD ads block chain has been…
Source: Why can DAD with 500 million users reshape the digital advertising industry?

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