Why Big Names Are Getting Into Big Data


By Harsha Cuttari, CTO, Aqua Intelligence People around the world have embraced social media. Whether we are airing our political views on Twitter, our best lives on Instagram, or what we had for breakfast on Facebook, we share parts of our lives no one used to see. Every time we think either the tipping point has been reached or the popularity of these platforms will diminish, we are proved wrong as they are prevalent in everyday life as much as they ever were – potentially more. The whistle blowers behind the Cambridge Analytica disclosure made even the most trusting of social media user question how our data is obtained, stored, and used, encouraging us to think more carefully on how and where we share our information, and who can then access it. Big names including Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey very publically deleted their Facebook accounts, with Carrey going even further as to selling his Facebook stocks, suggesting they profited from Russian interference in the US election. Stories of social media and their data policies have never before created more headlines or been under the current level of scrutiny until now. However, with celebrities quitting social platforms, will they finally be able to create a large enough dent in social media’s popularity, and is it changing the way we own our own data? Trends in social media usage suggest not, but the impact is felt most strongly in the lengths individuals and business will go to visibly protect personal information.…
Source: Why Big Names Are Getting Into Big Data

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