What Is Naga Coin?


Due to the current monetary setup that is utilized by nations all across the globe, banks and financial institutions are able to control, access and operate large sums of money in a highly opaque manner. As a result, there is a loss of liquidity for virtual goods, as well as a lack of a single interface that can be used to access financial, virtual and crypto markets. Naga is a fairly new cryptocurrency that has been developed by a German fintech company called the Naga Group. The aim of the company is to establish trading platforms that can facilitate the exchange of stocks and virtual goods in a safe and streamlined manner. Naga Coin (NGC) is the currency that will drive all internal transactions taking place within the parent ecosystem. The exchange platforms on offer include: Naga Trader — a social network for traders Switex — a decentralized marketplace for virtual goods Naga Trader allows users to buy, hold, and invest in a whole host of financial vehicles such as: Equities CFDs ETFs Switex is an online marketplace where gamers are able to trade items and badges in a transparent and hassle-free manner. Overview of the Naga Ecosystem Its trading platforms provide users with a high level of security and accessibility. Naga facilitates the trading and exchange of virtual as well as physical assets. It provides gamers with a highly user-friendly platform on which to exchange digital items and goods. A total of 220,000,000 NGC tokens have been created. The native currency is based on the…
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