What Is Bibox?


Over the past few years, we have seen multiple cryptocurrency exchanges issue their own tokens. That in itself is not surprising, even though these tokens may not necessarily appreciate in value as much as some people would like them to. Bibox, one of the smaller exchanges out there, has successfully issued their own token as well. Now is a good time to see what the future holds for this exchange and its native token. What is the Bibox Exchange? As the name somewhat suggests, Bibox is a cryptocurrency exchange which uses a few different tools to succeed. More specifically, the company positions itself as an AI-enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange. That is quite a bold statement, even though artificial intelligence can make a big impact in this industry over the coming years. There’s also a convenient app for use with both iOS and Android for easier access to the exchange itself. How Does it all Work? Many people may not realize Bibox is a trading platform designed by Chinese blockchain giants including early Bitcoin investors, blockchain adopters, professional traders, and VCs. Even so, that doesn’t mean an AI-enhanced digital asset exchange will succeed automatically. With its focus on security, stability, professionalism, and efficiency, it is evident Bibox has high expectations to live up to. For now, it is a bit unclear exactly how the company incorporates artificial intelligence. They have not made the inner workings of their platform public, and the core functionality seems very similar to that of existing centralized exchanges. They also allow for…
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