Vocean, Starting the Trillion Crypto Bond Era


It’s been 10 years since the birth of bitcoin. At its peak last year, the crypto currency had a total market capitalization of $823.8 billion and had become an independent economy that shouldn’t be ignored. This rapidly emerging financial market has already had global spot and futures trading. However, there is still a lack of a low-risk fixed income financial product to meet the needs of risk-averse investors, or for investors who would like to diversify their assets allocation. Recently, Vocean, a blockchain project led by Wall street executives, has entered into the public sight with a goal of the trillion-dollar blue ocean market – crypto bonds. In the traditional financial market, the global equity assets are $80 trillion, while the low-risk fixed income credit assets are $100 trillion. In parallel, a number of companies that are of comparable scale to Binance in the crypto bond market are emerging. Vocean is founded with such ambition. The infrastructural development is getting close to completion, and Vocean is about to make its crypto bond debut in November. Vocean bond issuance and management solution Vocean is a decentralized financial contract ecosystem. By building a complete crypto currency financial contract infrastructure and supporting facilities, it allows users to initiate a variety of standardized or customized financial contracts, including bonds, options, swaps and other financial products and derivatives easily and affordably. It also provides liquidity management and quick asset allocation management services with risk control for financial contracts based on Vocean’s smart contract issuance. Any…
Source: Vocean, Starting the Trillion Crypto Bond Era

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