@TrueReply Token #Airdrops #Bounty- Claim 6000TrueCoin Now

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TrueReply Token #Airdrops #Bounty- Claim 2000TrueCoin By @TrueReply Now Before It Closes Few Hours Time

There seems to be few hours left to closing this offer we have tested and got the free coins as proof. Thus, intro about the project will be reviewed later but for now claim yours first. Remeber Airdropped coins could turnout to becoming a crypto breakthrough point for even dummies wise enough to follow instructions and claim them always.

How To Get Free 2,000TrueCoins?

Make sure you follow the instructions below strictly as that is the way we can help followup to claim your coin (You don’t need follow up to claim it but been there could speed things up and sort out issues for identifying your tweets etc.)

1) Join their telegram group here https://t.me/joinchat/G54ZXBJyoP5rTHEt6GcajQ

2) Comment in the group referred via MyCDApp

3) Then visit https://truereply.com/uto/catapult

4) Tweet the four tweets using the twitter button below each offer. You earn 500TrueCoin for each and that equal 2,000.

5) If you are able to get retweets then you earn 200Truecoin extra per retweet

6) Repeat by re-sharing the four tweets 3 times and that gives you 2,000×3 = 6,000Truecoin

7) Send your details in the following format to their telegram group you join in No1 above:

Your Twitter Username used for the tweet in No3 page,

Your Number of Tweets done and

Your Eth address.

Check the group for live samples of those that have done it before yours.

8) Join MyCDApp official telegram group https://t.me/joinchat/GI8fPE9qnWDOBvJb0KaC3w and comment Truecoin Airdrop Done

9) Our team will help you connect with the team and even if it fails we will give each participants 500Truecoin (maximum of first 5people only if you are not credited by the team and must follow Step1-8 to qualify).

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