TriForce Tokens Announces Blockchain-Based Dynamic Advertising


Since the initial token sale for TriForce Tokens, the project has been developing their MVP’s (minimum viable products) to create lasting demand and value for the FORCE tokens. The company is proud to announce their latest MVP, a dynamic advertising platform. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Final Token Offerings Within Next Couple Months The final public token offering is scheduled for October 8th, so this is users last chance to get in early before TriForce tokens are expected to rapidly increase in value due to the various MVP’s working for the ecosystem. A final private token offering is also scheduled on September 3rd, but with a cap equivalent to the initial soft cap of $3 million. Nearly $500,000 has already been secured towards that goal. This will be the last chance for accredited investors, institutions, and other individuals looking to acquire massive amounts of tokens at a low rate. An Advertising Platform Like Never Before This MVP is the newest in the offerings that TriForce has in their arsenal and will allow for “non-intrusive in-game advertisement placement” that is 100% automatic and without much human intervention. The platform will allow companies to literally brand any object, texture, media, within a game in seconds. Immutable data and live tracking are also provided to track metrics The platform is fully operational, and CEO Pete Mardell has provided video demos showcasing the advertising at work. Dominoes, as well as AXN in Spain, has already conducted live campaigns using this revolutionary advertising technology.…
Source: TriForce Tokens Announces Blockchain-Based Dynamic Advertising

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