Trading Cryptocurrencies Like a Boss Takes Time and Research

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Over the years there have been many tutorials about the very basics of trading, market indicators, and the multitude of websites that collect vast amounts of data. Some of these resources give traders a step towards making their first trades. Now after a few losses and some lucky gains these individuals are interested in how to read the market. Also Read: PBOC to Strengthen Cryptocurrency Regulations in 2018 Confidence is Silent Head n Shoulders pattern. Learning to trade can be difficult but there are so many experts in the field and online resources that can teach anyone to trade cryptocurrencies. The first thing to realize is that bitcoin markets or any cryptocurrency markets are very different than your average stock or FX trading arenas. In fact, many people will tell you that traditional technical analysis (TA) will never be accurate when it comes to digital currency markets. However, there are those that use regularly to day trade, make a living, and predict the short-term price swings we all know and love. The first thing a trader should get to know is the most common financial chart used in the cryptocurrency industry which is the candlestick chart. The size of each candlestick represents a certain time interval, and individuals who study TA look for patterns in the market. This is when you will hear about certain chart patterns like the ‘Head n Shoulders, the Cup n Handle, Triple Top & Triple Bottom,” and many more funky phrases. However, these pattern help…
Source: Trading Cryptocurrencies Like a Boss Takes Time and Research

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