Top 6 Failed Fiat Currencies: US Civil War Edition


Numerous fiat currencies have failed throughout the centuries, although those developments were influenced by a lot of different reasons. The US Civil War is one of the main culprits for ensuring a lot of currencies failed, although that is not entirely unexpected either. The following currencies met their demise, ordered in order of longevity. #6 Confederate States Reformed Dollar With a lifespan of just one year, the Confederate States Reformed Dollar was not meant to be in circulation for all that long. The US Civil War caused massive spikes of hyperinflation, which did not bode well for the long-term success of the CSAR. Eventually, the currency was removed from circulation in 1865. #5 Confederate States Dollar The predecessor to the CSAR appeared to have a lot more initial success. The Confederate States Dollar stuck around for three full years prior to being replaced by the CSAR. It was originally introduced prior to the American Civil War, despite not being backed by hard assets. As such, one has to keep in mind not all valuable currencies need backing by hard assets to succeed, as the concept has a proven track record in the past. #4 Alabama Confederate Dollar With a lifespan of four years, the Alabama Confederate Dollar was in existence between 1861 and 1865. During the Civil War, virtually all confederate states had their own Dollar, which eventually caused many problems. The bills were eventually removed from circulation and replaced by a more streamlined system. #3 Arkansas Confederate Dollar The…
Source: Top 6 Failed Fiat Currencies: US Civil War Edition

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