THOUGHT, The World’s First Public Mineable AI Blockchain, Launches ICO

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Thought, an artificial intelligence and blockchain start-up backed by Harrisburg University, is developing a completely new way of utilizing and processing data by integrating artificial intelligence and smart logic into every bit of data. “In the few past decades, humans have advanced in technology at an exponential pace. It is incredible to witness. But all of these innovations have also caused an explosion of data. Everything ranging from social media to human genome research generates massive amounts of data,” says CEO and Founder of Thought, Professor Andrew Hacker. “Currently, all data is created equal until it is sorted through and categorized by special algorithms. Data is inherently inanimate – it only becomes useful when it is processed by an application. The massive growth in data creation is adding up to a landscape littered with too much information and applications, and insufficient intelligence to handle all of it,” explains Professor Hacker, who has been granted a US patent for his innovative concept of Smart Data. By combining the application layer into the data layer, Thought’s Smart Data becomes aware of its origin, knows its purpose, and is able to act on its own to accomplish its goal. It eliminates the need for traditional applications that traditionally make it possible for data to move between devices, cutting costs and complexity associated with these applications while also increasing speed. Equality to the monopolistic world of AI In addition, Thought is able to bring equality and accessibility to the highly monopolistic world of AI,…
Source: THOUGHT, The World’s First Public Mineable AI Blockchain, Launches ICO

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