The Role of Blockchain in the Food Supply Chain

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The number of use cases for blockchain technology is a lot greater than most people imagine. Outside of the financial sector, there are dozens of opportunities waiting to be explored. OriginTrail, for example, is currently working on integrating data from forensic laboratories on the blockchain. It’s an interesting venture, although it remains to be seen how successful this project can be. Another use Case for Blockchain Technology On paper, blockchain technology can facilitate many different business models. Although most of the current focus lies on improving the financial industry as a whole, some companies are exploring other opportunities as well. Recording data in a safe and immutable manner, for example, is something a lot of companies would love to do. It may even have major repercussions for the rest of the world in the long run. The work being done by OriginTrail should not be overlooked in this regard. Although few people know this company even exists, the team took a rather impressive step forward not long ago. They inked a deal with two scientific laboratories from Australia and Vietnam to record data on the blockchain. Efforts like these are direly needed for companies which focus on data integrity and addressing issues with the food supply chain. More specifically, the OriginTrail blockchain solution is an infrastructure meant to integrate and distribute data. It will also create reports for clients of any company or project making use of this blockchain. As such, a whole new layer of transparency and trust can be created in…
Source: The Role of Blockchain in the Food Supply Chain

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