The Key to BIG Bitcoin Investment is not an ETF!


Institutional investment occurs when large corporations and institutions invest in a product like a stock or a share. Indeed, cryptocurrency is open to investment from anybody, therefore the money holders at large institutions do have the ability to purchase cryptocurrency and invest in it at the moment, however, as it stands, they simply won’t. Not on a scale that will make a difference at least. Institutions are afraid of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment for a few reasons, firstly, investment isn’t regulated, secondly, investment isn’t necessarily that safe and lastly, this is something that not many institutions really know about. Why is institutional investment important? There’s already a lot of money in crypto. The markets hold an incredible value and overall, investors are spending a lot of their own cash on cryptocurrency. When money comes in, the markets tend to fly upwards. The only way we will see significantly more money flow into the markets (than is already flowing) is when institutions come in with huge amounts of cash that they are free to invest in cryptocurrencies. You should see institutional investment as the next level of investment, essentially. Moreover, institutions are famed and tend to be built upon a brand that is trusted by the mainstream and the general public. When large institutions start to buy into cryptocurrency, the news will hit the headlines and as a result, normal people will start to hear about it, people who might not have thought about investing before. Once they see their…
Source: The Key to BIG Bitcoin Investment is not an ETF!

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