The Daily: Complicated Crypto Purchasing Puts Off US Investors, Analysis Confirms – ICOs Spike


Some potential investors find the process of acquiring cryptocurrencies rather complicated, according to a new survey conducted among US residents. Despite that finding, and other obstacles, another study confirms the recently reported increase in capital raised through coin offerings this year. Also in today’s Bitcoin in Brief, the Swiss city of Zug concludes successfully its experimental vote on blockchain.   Also read: Coinbase Custody Opens, Hitbtc Hits Back at McAfee, BTCC Relaunches Purchasing Process Deemed a Hurdle for New Crypto Investors The complicated process of purchasing cryptocurrencies is the biggest obstacle for new investors entering the crypto space, according to a recently released study. The authors polled 1,000 US residents to profile crypto holders and better understand how they are using their digital coins. The poll also attempted to gauge the cultural perceptions surrounding cryptocurrency ownership. According to the compiled data, almost 40 percent of millennials have confirmed owning cryptocurrency, 48 percent of males and 26 percent among females. At the same time, 24 percent of polled Generation X Americans and 15 percent of Baby Boomers also admitted owning bitcoin or any of its alternatives. The survey, conducted by Creditcoin, made other interesting findings regarding a possible connection between cryptocurrencies and personal relationships. Three-quarters of the questioned stated they would be more likely to date someone who is knowledgeable about cryptocurrency. Many of them, however, remain reserved about dating someone who is obsessed with cryptos. The majority said they would date a divorced person rather than someone who keeps all…
Source: The Daily: Complicated Crypto Purchasing Puts Off US Investors, Analysis Confirms – ICOs Spike

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