Regulations Roundup: CFTC to Embrace DLT, SIM Swapping Task Force


In recent regulatory news, the chairman of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission has predicted that distributed ledger technology will soon be adopted by the CFTC to monitor the financial markets, and a supervisor of the REACT Task Force has emphasized the priority placed on policing SIM swapping in Northern California. In addition, Germany’s financial watchdog has ordered a cessation of UK-based Finatex’s unauthorized cross-border proprietary trading via its Crypto-Capitals trading platform. Also Read: Bitmain Files ‘John Doe’ Lawsuit in the State of Washington  CFTC Chairman Seeks AI-Monitoring of Cryptocurrency Markets The chairman of the United States CFTC, Christopher Giancarlo, recently discussed his expectation that emerging technological innovations, especially distributed ledger technology (DLT) and artificial intelligence (AI), will redefine the financial markets and the processes adopted by the regulators seeking to monitor such. During his speech, titled “Quantitative Regulation: Effective Market Regulation in a Digital Era,” Giancarlo asserted that “we begin to see a world where the majority of standard tasks are managed by machines,” emphasizing the need for regulators to keeps pace with technological innovation in order to effectively oversee the sector. The CFTC discussed the impact that the greater role of technology will have upon the way that regulators harness human labor, stating that becoming a “quantitative regulator” will “not mean replacing human judgment and market intelligence; it means reinforcing it,” adding that agency staff will be freed from “repetitive and low-value tasks” and will instead “focus on high-value activities that require their expert judgment and domain knowledge.”…
Source: Regulations Roundup: CFTC to Embrace DLT, SIM Swapping Task Force

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