If you are looking for new avenues to increase your cryptfolio, one of the more direct ways to do so is to get involved with a project so you can be paid in tokens. And a new platform meant to help with finding employees and jobs in the field is on the way, with only companies paying for the service. Also Read: The Daily: Binance Launches Incubator, Coinbase Adds Info on Top 50 Cryptos Find a Job at the ICO Bazaar Cryptocurrency investor information portal, ICO Bazaar, will soon be revealing a platform for matching companies with prospective talent. Officially to be launched at the end of August, the jobs board is said to already have over 300 companies listed with more than 1,000 open positions needing to be filled. The platform will be free of charge for candidates, and companies can get a free month trial for registering before the official launch. The fee for companies is not finalized yet, but the company could say that it will be comparable to the going market rates. “We expect the feedback from our clients from the test period to help us settle the rates,” they explained. Some of the ICO teams using the platform to find new talent include Orca Alliance, Oxygen Trade, and Modern Token Agency. A Shortage of Professionals Explaining the decision to launch the new service, the team told news.Bitcoin.com that there is an acute need for talent among projects. “Every ICO has 2-3 opening positions on average,…
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Ripple XRP and Stellar XLM are currency exchange and remittance networks. By using a common ledger that is managed by an independent network of validation servers that constantly check transaction records, these exchanges don’t rely on the heavy computer processing power and energy that systems like Bitcoin do. Ripple XRP uses a using a HashTree system, whereas Stellar XLM works on the blockchain system. As such, they have the potential to significantly improve a number of services: 1. Continue reading 4 Services That Ripple XRP & Stellar XLM Can Improve at Crypto Daily™.
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In an interview conducted earlier this month at the Chainxchange blockchain convention, Lilia Infante, a special agent with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) who pioneered the DOJ’s first Cyber Investigative Task Force looking at the use of cryptocurrencies in criminal investigations, recently discussed her views regarding the adoption of virtual currencies. Mrs. Infante expressed skepticism regarding the prospect of widespread cryptocurrency adoption in western nations, however, empathized with Venezuelan citizens using bitcoin as a means to circumvent hyperinflation. Also Read: Investments, Offshores, Foreign Trade – Russia Planning for Crypto  DOJ Special Agent Doubts Widespread Cryptocurrency Adoption in West, Favors Venezuela Lilia Infante, special agent with the U.S. Department of Justice, recently discussed her opinion regarding the adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Mrs. Infante was involved in the establishment and launch of the Department of Justice’s first Cyber Investigative Task Force that focused on the use of virtual currencies in criminal investigations. “The only problem is adoption,” Mrs. Infante stated. “What kind of importance do people put on immutability and privacy? Things that make Bitcoin special… The problem is nobody cares. Your average person is totally happy with their bank account, with their Paypal, with their Venmo. They like to have someone to rely on if their transaction doesn’t go through, and transactions are doing just fine. The use is there. It’s more about the importance, the motivation of why I’m going to use this,” she said. “The example I give is Venezuela – hell yeah, I’m going to buy bitcoin if…
Source: DOJ Special Agent Empathizes With Bitcoin Adoption in Venezuela

In an exclusive interview with Matt Aaron of the Bitcoin.com Podcast Network, Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed explains how he planned all along to defy US lawmakers. The same US District judge who last month prevented Mr. Wilson and his company from publishing 3D firearm blueprints online for free download has issued a more permanent ruling today, extending that initial ban indefinitely. Today’s decision was fully expected by Mr. Wilson, and he revealed to the Humans of Bitcoin podcast his immediate plans to exploit a little-known loophole.    Also read: Bitcoin Mining is Big Business in Montana: US Senator Works to Protect Industry Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed Defiant in Face of Federal Court Ban U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik upheld his initial injunction of a month ago, almost to the day, banning 3D gun blueprints from being published on Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed website. Mr. Wilson has maintained the issue is largely one of speech protected by the FIrst Amendment. However, Judge Lasnik disagreed, stressing Mr. Wilson’s rights to speech are “dwarfed by the irreparable harms the States are likely to suffer if the existing restrictions are withdrawn and that, overall, the public interest strongly supports maintaining the status quo.” Initial order of a month ago names Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as a defendant along with Cody Wilson (emphasis author’s). Nearly two dozen states, along with Washington, DC, went after an agreement arrived at by Mr. Wilson and the US Department of State a few months ago, ending…
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Chart for XRP/USD (1W) Ripple (XRP) has had an extraordinary correction. Most investors not familiar with Ripple (XRP) would find it hard to believe that the third largest coin by market cap fell from $3.2 to current levels. This extensive correction is an indication that Ripple (XRP) attracted a lot of quick buck artists. However, recently many investors have come to value Ripple (XRP) as a long term investment as they believe it will eventually dominate the trillion dollars forex market. Continue reading Ripple (XRP) Poised For A Massive Breakout In The Days Ahead at Crypto Daily™.
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