Now that Tezos has officially launched its main net, users are looking for ways to capitalize on this momentum. A few interesting developments have taken place as the main net launch happened, and the following three developments are well worth keeping an eye on. All of these changes can have a positive impact on the Tezos ecosystem moving forward. #3 Exploring The Cortez Wallet for Android Some Tezos enthusiasts may be aware of the Cortez wallet for the Android ecosystem. It is a very interesting contraption, as it brings all of the native Tezos functionality to mobile users all over the world. The Cortez wallet comes in two different versions, one of which acts as a main net solution and the other one is designed for the testnet. This is also the first major release of the Cortez mobile wallet, which is rather interesting to keep an eye on. It will be interesting to see how the community responds to this wallet, primarily because it has only been downloaded around a dozen times so far. That number will undoubtedly increase over the coming weeks as more people take note of this project. #2 XTZ Trading on Bitfinex A rather surprising development in the exchange world comes courtesy of Bitfinex. This prominent exchange has made it clear they want to keep adding new coins, tokens, and assets over time. Introducing support for Tezos makes a lot of sense now that the main net has gone live, although that doesn’t make it…
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Chart for ETH/USD (4H) Ethereum (ETH) has been in the eye of the hurricane for the last few weeks. The price has taken wild swings to both sides. The 4H chart above for ETH/USD shows that the price has to take a definitive stand now. Ethereum (ETH) has currently found support at the 0.786 Fibonacci retracement level which is a very critical level for the future price action of Ethereum (ETH). Continue reading Ethereum (ETH)’s Fate Hinges On 0.786 Fibonacci Support at Crypto Daily™.
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Decentralized exchanges have been touted as the future of the market, especially since they give back the control to the users as Satoshi first set out to do when he developed Bitcoin. However, despite the great promise, they have failed to gain traction, with even the most popular struggling to crack into the top 100 for volume traded. This might all change, with the fourth-largest crypto exchange Bitfinex joining the decentralized exchanges movement with its newest offering, Ethfinex Trustless. The exchange will leverage on the order books of Bitfinex and its spinoff, Ethfinex to offer high-liquidity, low spread trading experience, all while the user gets to be in full control of the digital assets. The Best Of Both Worlds With Ethfinex Trustless, Bitfinex intends to offer its users the seamless trading experience associated with centralized exchanges without sacrificing the founding principle of cryptocurrencies; decentralization. The new platform will not have any signups or know-your-customer requirements. The clients will not be obliged to share their emails, names or addresses, an issue that has been quite contentious in the industry, especially after it emerged that some government agencies had been using these details to spy on crypto users. The users will also be in full control of their funds throughout the entire transaction process, Bitfinex further revealed in a blog post. This will be made possible by connecting to the exchange directly via the supported ERC-20 wallets including Ledger, Metamask and Trezor. This will greatly reduce the counterparty risk users expose themselves…
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Less than two weeks are left for investors to take the advantage of the 56.6% bonus in purchasing Idealcoin tokens at the special Pre-sale price of $0.499 USD. Following a successful private sale, Idealcoin gets a step closer to achieve successfully its mission of digital transformation of the marketing industry, becoming the number one tool for marketers around the world. The special price for the released 11 000 000 IDL tokens will be available by the 25th September, when the Public Sale and a weekly increase of the token price start, lasting until the end of November. From the 1st December, the ERC-20 token will be available at $1.15 USD. Investors can obtain tokens by making payments in fiat, ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH and BTG. Miguel Angel Parada, CEO and Founder of Idealcoin, stated: “Currently, there are over 2 billion people using centralized social networks, which we’ve witnessed compromising their personal data in the bid to generate advertising profits. We designed Idealcoin as the token that will reshape the industry by providing marketers and advertisers with precise and updated data, while ensuring users keep 100% of their data rights and receive rewards for their contribution, data, opinion and expertise.” Idealcoin can be organically generated on its Pay My Honest Opinion (PayMHO) platform, which is a 3.0 Social Media ecosystem. The platform offers users a fun and engaging way to generate content by developing and answering questions, interacting and recommending each other and building their profiles in an organic and spontaneous…
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By 2050 there’ll be more plastic trash in the world’s oceans than fish. And the next generation could see more used car tires than there are trees. So how can blockchain — a digital technology — possibly be good for the environment? By making processes more efficient which leads to less consumption. And by changing people’s behaviors, incentives and practices that affect the environment, according to new report by World Economic Forum (WEF) titled “Building Block(chain)s for a Better Planet.” For example, what if developers used smart contracts to pay people digital tokens so they’ll recycle more, use less water and properly dispose of waste? Continue reading Blockchain Can Save Environment In 8 Ways: World Economic Forum at Crypto Daily™.
Source: Blockchain Can Save Environment In 8 Ways: World Economic Forum