Op-ed: The Case for Adding CTOR to Bitcoin Cash in November


The following opinion piece on Canonical Transaction Ordering (CTOR) was written by Jonald Fyookball the lead developer of Electron Cash.  Canonical Transaction Ordering (“CTOR”) is one of the planned changes for the November 2018 Bitcoin Cash protocol upgrade. There has been quite a bit of discussion in the Bitcoin Cash community about this change. Also read: Philippines Okays PDAX Crypto Exchange I had previously published an article explaining in simple terms what the change is. Although that article satisfied some readers and convinced them that CTOR is not dangerous, others were still critical and wanted to know if the change is necessary. The questions on many people’s minds are: “Why do we need CTOR? Why do we need it now? And are there other proposals that could accomplish the same thing?” I attempt to answer those questions here. CTOR is part of a comprehensive technical roadmap designed to help Bitcoin Cash become peer to peer electronic cash for the entire world. More specifically, there is a clear and major benefit in CTOR which is that of faster block propagation. There are also some additional minor benefits. Unfortunately, much of the technical discussion about CTOR has been in the area of block validation rather than block propagation, which has brought considerable complexity and confusion to the overall debate. Review of Four Different Transaction Ordering Schemes Let’s begin our analysis by considering four different ways we could do transaction ordering in Bitcoin Cash. 1.TTOR – Topological Transaction Ordering Rule This is the current consensus rule…
Source: Op-ed: The Case for Adding CTOR to Bitcoin Cash in November

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