New Innovations In Bitcoin Mining Malware


Bitcoin mining malware is a big problem. By hijacking the blockchain to illicitly mine Bitcoin, hackers are able to carry out a number of exploits on the blockchain that can in turn damage assets held by investors all over the world. Annoyingly, as the security of the blockchain develops and as we create more innovative ways of protecting the blockchain, hackers also get more clever, as does the malware they produce. According to new research, it seems that the latest fad in malicious crypto mining comes in the form of legitimate windows installation packages, making the malware hard to detect for both the user, and their machines antivirus software. According to The Next Web: “Researchers say the malicious software, more commonly known as Coinminer, was specifically designed to fly under the radar. What makes the attack particularly difficult to detect is that it uses a series of obfuscation methods. The discovery comes from security firm Trend Micro, which has since documented the attack vector at more length.” My masking as a legitimate windows installation file, users of windows machines won’t question the legitimacy of what seems to be a new update, or a windows download. Because of this, the chances of the malware being installed are increased, just as the chances of antivirus software has of detecting the malware decreases. Overall, it’s a hackers perfect recipe. According to The Next Web, the report by Trend Micro states: “The malware arrives on the victim’s machine as a Windows Installer MSI file,…
Source: New Innovations In Bitcoin Mining Malware

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