MyEtherWallet Code Will Be Forked to Create MyCrypto Service


Most Ethereum enthusiasts have come across the MyEtherWallet service at some point in their lives. It is a convenient web wallet solution for both Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Moreover, it supports authentication with hardware wallets for additional security. It seems a new era is upon us as far as MEW is concerned. A code “fork” is in order, and it appears the competing service will have a bigger team. Whether or not this is a positive change remains to be seen. The Road Ahead for MyEtherWallet Few people are aware that the MyEtherWallet service has been around since 2015. At that time, there was a huge demand for online and secure Ethereum and ERC20 wallet options. Within just a few months, this service rose to the top and became a household name in the cryptocurrency world. The platform has a solid reputation overall and offers a convenient service for its users. Even though MyEtherWallet has seen a few issues along the way, the service has remained solid for the most part. The site’s code has seen some big updates throughout the years, even though it was a pet project for quite some time. The team even helped resolve some of the issues associated with The DAO’s hack, even though the DAO project itself could not be saved. It did not impact the MEW service in the slightest, though, and the service has remained incredibly popular. The year 2017 especially proved to be rather interesting for the MyEtherWallet team. With a massive influx of new users and server costs…
Source: MyEtherWallet Code Will Be Forked to Create MyCrypto Service

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